Regan Smith


In her Olympic debut, Regan Smith captured two silver medals in the 200m butterfly and 4x100m medley relay, as well as a bronze in the 100m backstroke in which she set the Olympic during the semifinal. Needless to say Regan Smith is just getting started in her career and great achievements.

“"I swim because I love it and because all of my best friends are in this sport. I also love to compete and form friendships with competitors from all around the country and the world."”

For new Team Speedo member Regan Smith, swimming is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. She’s created her own community forming friendships with competitors around the world. Regan swims for Stanford University and brought home 3 medals in the 2020 Olympics. She cites the Vibe Collection as her favorite Speedo product, praising its fun colorful energy.

3x Olympic Medalist
2x World Champion

"My favorite practice suit. I really love the bright, colorful range."
-Regan Smith

Solid The One Back Onepiece.

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