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Jamal has been through a lot suffering from a rare paralysis at a young age and from inner city California he’s spun that into an opportunity to improve and then to inspire others to improve too.

“I’ve had to fight my own body.”

Jamal is a 5x Paralympic national champion. An inspirational swimmer, Jamal is also co-founder of “Swim UP Hill,” a non-profit aimed at improving water safety in underserved communities around the globe. He’s passionate about driving participation in swimming and water safety and wants to use his platform to get more people active, believing that anybody can be an athlete. His inspirational determination to effect change, both personal and societal is his superpower and that can bring a lot of people into swimming.

3x Paralympic Medalist

"The Valor feels like being inside a rocket ship as you re-enter the earth's atmosphere."
-Jamal Hill

Fastskin LZR Pure Valor Jammer

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