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Andrew Seliskar

Andrew swims to reach his fullest and utmost potential, athletically and mentally.

“Swim for yourself, achieve for the team.”

A world championship and Pan Pacific medalist, Seliskar has earned gold, silver and bronze medals in competing events. He also holds the NCAA PAC-12 record for most conference title wins of all time capturing 11 wins and was 2019 CSCAA/NCAA Player of the Year representing UC Berkeley. 

1 x World Championship Bronze Medalist 
1 x Pan Pacific Championship Gold Medalist 
1 x Pan Pacific Championship Silver Medalist

“The intent gives the perfect blend of compression and flexibility. The water repellent material feels incredibly fast and gives my dolphin kick the extra snap I need coming off of the final turn"
-Andrew Seliskar

Fastskin LZR Pure Intent Jammer

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