There's nothing half-hearted about stripping down to a 3mm piece of nylon and going all in.
We want everyone to feel that feeling.
That rush, that nerve, that endeavour, that reward, that first dive, that world record.
Everyone can do it and it takes almost nothing...To Go Full Speedo.

Grab the Go Full Speedo essentials

Everything you need (not a lot) to get out there and ooze the sort of confidence that takes you places. Even if those places are just the local pool, or the deep ocean, or a kiddie pool in your backyard. Wherever you go. Go Full Speedo.

How you can Go Full Speedo.

Cannonballing like it's an Olympic Sport?
Centenarian that's still lapping every day?
Co-worker that comes to work every day smelling of eau-de-chlorine?
Just dropped into the halfpipe for the first time?
Reveller that went out in nothing but briefs and their sunnies?

Show us how you