How To Wash A Swimsuit

Find out how to wash a swimsuit from Speedo. Learning how to wash your most important piece of swim gear will help to keep it in top shape for as long as possible.


It’s important to wash your swimsuit regularly to keep it both clean and performing as well as it can. Ideally, you would wash your swimsuit every time you wear it, even if you don’t end up actually getting in the water. Many sunscreens and mineral-based lotions and oils can damage the material of your swimsuit and lead to it breaking down over time. So even if you were just catching up on some reading in the sun, it’s a good idea to wash your swimsuit anyway.


Learning how to best wash your swimsuit starts with picking the right detergent. You want to use a specially-formulated detergent that is designed for delicates, spandex athletic wear, or specifically swimsuits. One capful should be more than sufficient. If you don’t have a specialty detergent in your home already, however, don’t worry. You can make your own with baking soda and water. Simply fill your sink with cool water, add half a cup of baking soda, and mix.


Hand washing is by far the preferred method of cleaning a swimsuit over using a washing machine. Even on the delicate cycle, a washing machine can do damage to the specialized fabric in swimwear. Though some swimsuits are specially manufactured to be machine washed, Speedo recommends washing by hand for the best results.

Let your swimsuit soak in the cleaning solution for around half an hour and then rinse with clean water. It really is that simple. To dry your swimsuit, do not wring it out. That can damage the shape of the fibers. Instead, lay your swimsuit out on a dry towel, roll the toll up, and press down to absorb the water. Lay your swimsuit flat to dry out any remaining moisture. Just like avoiding the washing machine, you don’t want to use a dryer either.


  • Don’t soak your swimsuit overnight. This can lead to the fibers loosening up over time.
  • Don’t dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight. This can cause your swimsuit’s colors to fade.
  • Don’t hang your suit over a shower rod to dry. Hanging can cause the shape of the suit to be altered.

Now that you have mastered learning how to wash your swimsuit, put those skills to good use. Properly caring for your swimsuit will help it last and stay in peak form.